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2. match the pairs of synonyms from a and b and translate



1. grant

2. semester

3. educational

4. finish

5. equip

6. worker

7. modern

8. expertness

9. take and return

10. appliance

11. profession

12. give

a) academic

b) skill

c) fit

d) provide

e) up-to-date

f) borrow

g) scholarship

h) complete i) vocation

j) facility

k) term

l) employee

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Вставить слова в текст .вот слова : achievement, create, enormous, member, name after, not discover, receive a degree, recognize research, succeed. вот текст: dmiti mendeleev is a great russian scientist of the 19th century. he as a great chemist who created the periodic classification of the elements. dmitri mendeleev was born in tobolsk in 1834.at
school, dmiti in mathematics, physics, and geography but was not good at languages. in 1855 he graduated from pedagogical institute in st peterburg with a gold medal fo his 1856,he in chemistry. dmitri mendeleev's contribution to the world's science was was the first the dependence of the qualities of the elements on their atomic weight. he forecast that the gaps in the table of elements
would be filled in by elements whith yet. dmitri mendeleev was greatly honoured as a of academies in many countries. elements no 101 him.
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The used ingredients in this weight loss pill are naturally resourced. they have been sourced from reliable organic farms from around the world. these ingredients have been tested for their strength and quality. apart from this, healthy feel diet forskolin is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, in which standards of manufacturing are monitored by international standards. you will not need to worry about any negative effects. hence, healthy feel diet forskolin is side effects free and very safe to use. why do you need to choose healthy feel diet forskolin? how is this different from the other? there is a lot of option to consider when it comes to weight loss. there are so many solutions you choose which gives you the best results in the shortest possible time. therefore, knowing all this is very important when you really need to choose one. many of these processes are surgical and aggressive in nature.
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Вставте слова в пропуски: know, was born, about, age, well- known, celebrate, died, the eldest, was fond, favourite. robert burns, a and popular scottish poet, was born in 1759. burns in a poor farming family. there were seven children in it. robert was . robert read a lot. he of reading. his writer was shakespeare. at the of 15 he began to write poems. he wrote people and everyday things. robert burns wrote the words of the song " auld lang syne". scottish people sing this song when they the lst of january, new year's day. r. burns in 1796. people all over the world and love his poems.
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 07:30
Как вы думаете какое правило поведения в мишиной комнате 1. заходить в комнату с собаками 2.звонить ему 3.открывать дверь 4.читать его книги 5.вытирать пыль с кота 6.убирать в комнате 7.открывать окно 8. сидеть на стуле
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