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I. откройте скобки, употребив глагол в нужном времени.
a. what you usually (to like) to do when you are not filming? i (not/ to know). we do a lot of funny things. i just can’t remember any of them. when we aren’t filming. i just (to lock) myself up in a very small room & (to watch) films. when i’m not filming? i (to be in school) & i (to play) sports games & (to talk) with my friends most of the time. (to have) you a favorite subject in school? i (to like) sports & arts, english & history. i (to love) english: reading & writing & everything. i (not/ to have) a favorite subject.
b. in 1605 king james i (to be) on the throne. he (to be) very unpopular with roman catholics. some of them (to plan) to blow up the houses of parliament, when the king was going to open parliament. under the houses of lords they (to put) thirty-six barrels of gunpowder. a man (to call) guy fawkes should explode them. one of the plotters (to speak) about these plans & fawkes was found, arrested & later hanged. since that day the british traditionally (to celebrate) 5 november by burning a scarecrow, (to make) of straw & old clothes, on a bonfire.

ii. выберите правильный вариант и примеры, используя наречия.

to be viv (ing) a) present simple
b) past progressive
c) present progressive
vii (ed) a) present simple
b) past simple
c) present progressive

iii. выберите правильный вариант.
1. on sunday my sister our grandparents in the country.
a) visit b) is visiting d) visits

2. she a lot of homework to do every day?
a) do/ have b)does/ has c) does/ have

3. why you moscow without me?
a) was/ left b) did leave c) did/ left

4. they any fresh beef at the butcher’s?
a) do/ has b) have/ got c) does/ have

5. the nurse the doctor?
a) - / helps b) do/ helps c) does/ help

6. when i a little girl, i liked skating a lot.
a) am b) did c) was

7. don’t speak english. they you.
a) aren’t understanding b) don’t understand c) aren’t understand

8. why she well all the night yesterday?
a) didn’t/ sleep b) was/ sleep c) wasn’t/ sleeping

9. because the baby all the time.
a) were crying b) didn’t cry c) was crying

10. can you hear me? yes, i you well.
a) hear b) am hearing c) hears

11. who came to the party first? mr. val
a) do b) did c) does

12. can you hear this noise? what is it? the baby in the bedroom.
a) cry b) cries c) is crying

13. you your grandmother?
a) are/loving b) do/ love c) are/ loved

14. why you when everybody were working?
a) were sleeping b) was sleeping c) were sleep

iv. переведите на язык.
1. все засмеялись, когда он это сказал.
2. они часто ссылаются на эту статью.
3. это случилось много лет назад. смеркалось и шел дождь. мальчик возвращался домой один. он шел медленно и о чем-то думал. вдруг он услышал странный голос: «э, парень! – окрикнул кто-то. – огоньку не найдется? » «я не курю и вам не советую! » - ответил мальчик.
4. сколько этажей в вашем доме?
5. у тебя есть сестра? да, но мы живем в разных комнатах.
6. я заходил к тебе вчера. почему ты не открыл дверь? я был занят. что же ты делал? я делал проект с двух часов дня до двух часов ночи.
7. зимой на улицах много снега.
8. в зимние каникулы школьники обычно катаются на лыжах, санках и коньках, а студенты экзамены.
9. сколько себя помню, она постоянно улыбается.
10. аня, иди к доске. вот тебе кусочек мела. напиши на доске транскрипцию. молодец. твоя оценка «отлично».

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