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2. jane addams
read the text and find in it the answers to these questions:

1. what country did jane addams come from?
2. what was the idea of her hull house?
3. for whom was hull house organized?
4. what kind of campaigns did jane addams lead?
5. what was jane addams' activity during the first world war?

jane addams ['ædamz] was for many

years one of the best known and most admi
red women in the world - some people even
called her "saint jane". all her life she
fought for social justice, peace and human
rights. she worked in chicago [chicago] in a
place called hull [hal] house,
hull house was a community and resi
dential centre in one of the poorest, most
run-down areas of the city, where many of
the local people were immigrants. jane's

purpose was "to feed the hungry and care
for the sick give pleasure to the young, comfort the aged" - and
provide a place where people could meet. eventually, the settlement oc
cupid thirteen buildings. it received money from one of her support
ters. it became a model for many other similar projects throughout the
usa. up to two thousand people came to hull house every day, where
they were offered opportunities they couldn't get elsewhere. there
were social clubs, lectures and readings, an art gallery, museum,
theatre, music school and gymnasium. jane led campaigns for better
housing and sanitation, for school playgrounds, juvenile courts, and
an improved educational system. she upheld the rights of exploited
workers - often women and children - and fought hard against police
tical corruption.
soon after the first world war broke out in 1914, she became pre
sident of the newly formed "women's international league [li: g] for
peace and freedom". she led fifty american women to a peace cong
ress in holland, where there were delegates from most of the major
european countries. but the women's petitions to various governments
had no effect. her anti-war campaigning didn't always find understand
ding among her countrymen. but in 1931, she received the nobel
[nobel] peace prize for all her work.

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